Sunday, 29 July 2007

Themes tutorial for Nokia N95

This tutorial will show you how to create a Symbian S60 3rd edition theme for Nokia N95. I used the Nokia Carbide.ui S60 theme edition 3.1.1. (latest version 3.4) to make the theme and Adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit the Backgrounds.
The finished theme is shown right.
In this example we will be creating "Handle key pairs" certificate, adding Active/Inactive backgrounds, Creating "transparent Navi pane" and adjusting colours to match the theme.

Note: All images can be enlarged by clicking.

Download & Details Of latest Nokia Carbide Theme Creator below:


For a basic starter guide:

Getting Started

Getting Started
You will need two images which you use for the theme.
The Inactive screen will be your image or picture that will be displayed when the phone is in idle.
The active screen will be shown when you are using applications like text messaging, gallery, music player, therefore it is probably best to be a faded or plain image otherwise it will detract from the application you are using.
The images are best edited before you create the theme with a program like Adobe Photoshop and cropped to 240pixels X 320pixels. To achieve a clearer image in landscape view it better to use a 320 x 320px image. (Thanks for this tip form the comments section).

1) Install the carbide program and select
"Create a new theme", then name it, Keep "Base graphics" selected this is the default for S60 3rd edition.

2) You will now see a default theme which you can edit. the first thing to do is edit the Active background.
Select "Background" from the Resources tab on the left, then select the top grey rectangle next to the panel.
Right click the background in the "Active background" tab in the centre bottom of the screen, and select "Convert and edit in bitmap editor"
(which should have been set up in the installation) as shown below.

3) Now your bitmap editor (Photoshop etc.) will launch and you can move your saved image on to the theme background, Then flatten the image and SAVE, then return to Carbide and your new background should appear.

4) Repeat this for the Inactive screen, and you should end up with an image , shown right.


5) Now you will notice that there is a blue line across the Clock symbol. This is the navigation pane and is better to be set it to match the background rather than being blue. To can be a little tricky so follow carefully.
First select "Areas" from the resources panel on the left, then "Status Area" then select the bottom of the three rectangular images next to the panel,
Then select the Navi pane from the "Navi pane background" panel.
Now right click the box and select Edit/Animate, this will change the details to a layers shown below,

Now you can edit the "navi pane layer" layer tab, right click on the layer1 and select "Add background".
Then remove the old blue layer by right clicking on the layer one again and selecting "delete layer"
as shown right


6) Now you can edit the colours to match your theme, this is done from the "Colours" section in the resources tab on the left. There are a lot of colours that you can change, so try whatever you like, i changed the text colour and main title to light grey as well as a few other alterations , shown below


7) Now that the Theme is finished remember to "save" it. Now we need to create a "handle key Pair" which is your certificate/owners rights. The carbide program can create one for you.
First select Tools from the Menu bar, then select Handle key pairs, A dialog box will open select "New" it will prompt you to enter an title , it can be anything , like "Theme cert" etc. then select "Make keys"
Now a new dialog box will appear, as shown right, fill out your details, then select generate.
now it will return to the earlier box and now select "SAVE"

8) Now you have your certificate you can use it for every theme you create, all that is left is to create a .sis file
Go to Tools in the menu bar and select "Create new sis package", a dialog box will appear in which you can change some Information/settings, Then select next, in the new box the Key pair should be highlighted, then select finish
The program will ask you if you want to transfer to your phone now, that's up to you just remember where the .sis file is saved, most likely C:Program Files/Nokia/carbide.../workspace...

I use the Nokia PC suite to transfer .sis files, When installing to the phone a message that the certificate is untrusted, but as you made it , it's OK!!

5800 Default Themes For N95

Yan Flahorn has released a N95 Theme based on the 5800 default theme. He says he spent 3 months working on it! and the amount of detail is impressive. There are 600 New icons most based on 5800 icons and .svg images which sort out the problems with landscape mode. The themes (Blue and Red) were highlighted over at the SymbianFreak. You can download the for N95 and N96 from his website at For N95 use Touch Blue by Flahorn.sis & Touch Red by Flahorn.sis not the FP2 versions. 

Adding Badges and Logos to your N95 & N95 8GB

If you want to add a football team badge or any other logo to your Main idle screen you can easily do it without having to create a theme.
All you need to do create an image with a transparent background.
You will need a PC application like Adobe Photoshop to create the image.

Here are the basic tips for creating the Image
1) Download an Image, logo or Badge from the Internet
2) Remove the background & Edit the image with Photoshop or similar program.
2) Make the image 240 x 235 pixels
3) Save the Image as a .png
4) Transfer to your Phone
5) Find the Image in the Gallery and "Set as wallpaper"

There are 2 small problems with using this system to display logos

1) The image will be stretched in Landscape Mode
2) The Phone display shows a slightly darker shading to the area that is transparent. The visibility of the shading depends on your themes colour.

Alternatively you could just make a complete theme with the logo to avoid both of these problems.

Here are a couple of Transparent logos i made which you can use. To download click the image to open full size then right click and "Save Image As".

Sending Themes via bluetooth
If you want to send a theme to a friend via bluetooth, you will need to zip the file to send it as the N95 does not let you send Theme .sis files via bluetooth. This is quite easy to do using the Zip Manager inbuilt in the N95 & N95 8GB.
Here is a quick guide on how to send themes via bluetooth:

Create the Zip

1. You will need to transfer the Theme .sis file to your phone (rather than opening it and installing), you can store it in any location, just remember where you put it.

2. Now go to Menu/ Applications/ Office/ Zip. Open the application and select Options/ New Archive. Now name you New zip folder, then select Options / Add Archive and select the theme .sis file. As shown in the screenshots below


Send the Zipped Theme

1. Now to send the Zipped theme use the file manager to locate the Zip archive folder you created and select Options/ Send/ via Bluetooth

2. If you haven't already turned on your bluetooth, it will prompt you and start bluetooth and then locate other devices. Then find your friends phone and SEND.

To Extract and Install the theme

1. Once the Bluetoothed Zip folder is saved on your friends phone they can located it from your Inbox and simply open the zip folder which will launch the Zip Manager and then start the install process or:

Go to Menu/ Applications/ Office/ Zip. Open the Zip application and locate to Zip Archive Folder, then open the Zipped Theme. Which will start the theme Installation. As shown below.

My Themes

Sullivan's Travels
This is a screenshot from Sullivan's Travels, a classic feel good comedy made in 1941. It was directed by Preston Sturges and if you haven't seen it and like old Movies you're going to love it ! Joel McCrea and Veronica lake at their best!
I used the base template i created for Hollywood 1940. I had to rebuild a lot of the image to fit nicely on the screen and i have rectified the Music player notes error (black on very dark grey) as well as improving incoming caller i.d colours.

Blue Ice Sheet
This is my favourite of the four i have just created, mostly because the blue looks great on the phone. If you view in landscape you can see more of the image. I used to use this image as a desktop a while ago, if you want the full image email me and i'll send it.

Hollywood 1940's
Well i've been meaning to use this image for a while now, finally i got around to it, Its taken in the USA around the 1940's, if you recognise where or when it is or you can tell from the cars let me know. I used sepia tones for the signal/battery indicators.

Blue Water
This is a simple Coast scene. What i liked about the image is that you actually seem to be in the water, and its sharpness of course!

Maserati Ghibli
Updated - I have been using this theme i created for screenshots. Like all the later themes i have created it works in landscape mode without blurring the image.

Beach Scene
Updated - A simple theme with wide screen image.

Gold Circuit board
Updated - This theme continues my personal interest in Circuit boards!

Porsche 911 2.2s
Updated - Classic porsche, no fancy bumper or fins, just early 1970 class!

Sandtroopers Wide Theme
Updated - Whats better than stormtroopers ? . . . . Sandtroopers! just ask my Nephew.

Stormtrooper Wide Theme
Updated - Now with wide screen and Music player updated background for firmware v.20
Download wide

Lamborghini Miura SV
Updated - This theme shows the rear of the classic late 1960's Lamborghini. Download

Defender Wide
Updated - This is a theme based on the Classic arcade game Defender. The colours are based on the original artwork. The Zip folder includes the .sis file and various .wav sound from the original game which you may want to used a message tones. This theme is not designed to be used with active standby as it will obscure the other graphics.

Hard day's Night Album cover - The Beatles
This themes certificate has expired, you can still install it if you first set your date back 1 year, install the theme then set the time back.
This theme is based on one of the most iconic album covers of all time, A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles. As usual with my themes the active screen is just plain colour so that it doesn't interfere with the open applications.

Taito Space Invaders 1978 theme
Updated - This theme is based on the Original Taito Space Invaders arcade game made in 1978.
As with most of my themes the Operator logo is the same colour as the background so if you haven't removed the logo it will not show up on your screen.

Green Motherboard
Updated - This theme is based a very busy image of a MotherBoard.The Indicators appear almost hidden amongst the maze of dots on the inactive screen, but that is the point. As with all these themes the active screen (Menu etc.) is a plain colour so not to interfere with your applications on screen. All the themes i have created do not have any Icon packs in them so your phone will automatically use the default N95 icons, which are much better quality than most basic phone icons.


Anonymous said...

hi i can make themes but there is one area i'm having trouble with ! the area where it shows the phone locked key in idle mode i cant get it transparent any help would be appreciated. i have photoshop by the way

sjc said...

Yeah the "Status Indicator background" is a small annoyance. Changing (copy/paste)the mask to Transparent doesn't seem to work.
If you use the theme "Colourful Day" in Carbide, it has a transparent Mask. So once you have changed the backgrounds etc, you should be ok.
This seems to be the quickest way around it.

Anonymous said...

Another tip and somthing I have found useful. Instead of a picture 240 x 320 I use 320 x 320. This centralises in both landscape and portrait format without distortion so if you keep the main focus of the picture (e.g. a face) within a central area of 240x240 then you'll either get side cropping in portrait or top / bottom cropping in landscape but no stretchy-vision...

paul said...

Memory card is coming up corrupt what do I do. Do I have to buy a new one?

Anonymous said...

hey i can add d themes but they cannot b deleted...
plzz help me out on tis...

sjc said...

Removing Themes:
Go to Menu/ App.Mgr./ (App.Mgr maybe located in tools folder)then scroll to the theme you want to delete and press the "c" button or Options/ Remove.
That should do it.

AJ said...

Hey. love the site - has brought me much joy from my n95.

I'm currently using your 'Lamborghini Miura SV' theme. Liking the classic look.

However, when I connect to pc and select 'data transfer' the whole theme changes on the phone to the default Nokia theme. It reverts back to your theme after I disconnect.

This is strange as it does not occur when PC Suite is selected.

sjc said...

Re Data Transfer Mode: On my phone the selected theme remains in DT mode.
The Theme changes to the default theme in data transfer mode is because in that mode the memory card cannot be read by the phone and info screen says "Memory card not accessible from the phone", a bit like being taken out.
It seems that for some reason it is using the default theme. As long as its not a big hassle i wouldn't try to fix it.
I'm Glad you have enjoyed the Blog and Themes :)

aj said...

Ah, a fair explanation.

So installing it on the phone memory would be a fix?

I will attempt to make my own later today. Sunday fun-times. Looking forward to it.

sjc said...

Re Phone memory vs Memory card:
Yeah,I recommend installing themes in the phone memory rather than the External memory card

Brian O'MAhony said...

HI I cal make the themes no problem but when i go to tranfer to phone all i get is certificate error please contact application supplier..

Any ideas

Anonymous said...

Hi. I followed all your instructions but I can't "Create New SIS Package". It doesn't let me select it. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

sjc said...

Re Brian: Have you created the sis as a feature pack 1 or 2?
I assume you have got the key pairs sorted otherwise you couldn't create the sis at all.
On your phone check the settings for App Mgr./Options/Settings/Software Installation? set to ALL
Hopefully it is one of these otherwise contact me via email with more details (see contact button in sidebar)

sjc said...

Re Annon: Have you created the Key pair, with the certificate.
If you haven't this is the problem, how to create the key pairs is in the tutorial
contact me via email if you still have problems (see contact button in sidebar)

jason said...

i know this is going to make me sound half retarded but yeah... i cant even seem to get the themes i downloaded to work. there's a pac man theme that came with the game and it works fine. but the other themes that i want to use aren't working. they're all 'sis' files (whatever that means). i tried installing them on the application software and i tried copying them directly onto the phone. please i would really really appreciate if you could help me. thanks in advance

sjc said...

Re Jason installing themes:
No problem jason, if you email me (from the contact button)
I will give you some screenshot images and help with installing the sis file etc.

Leo said...

i really really appreciate your help i m in your dept.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Liking the web site, learnt loads from it. I do have one question though. Is it possible to bluetooth a theme to another nokia devive. I have tried all options on my N95 8gb but no joy. Many Thanks

Tobi said...

Hi, great blog, definitely.

I was looking for a rather easy and simple guide for this tool and I think I am able to create my own theme, at least an easy one. ;) But I have much difficulties with getting rid of the blue colour of the items, for example on the idel background.. or just in the menu. I can find ways to change the colour of a lot of parts on the screen, but when I start a new theme the items are in blue and I can't change them. :( Can anybody help me?

sjc said...

Re bluetoothing themes:
I will post a feature on this subject on Monday 23 June :)

sjc said...

Re Theme editing blue parts: You should be able just to click or double click each item to activate them, then from the colour panel bottom right, right click and choose a different colour.
It is a bit complicated using Carbide at first but play around for a while and you will get used to it.

natoniet said...

Thank you very much,although I manage to make one!and have it in my phone successfully,but it takes one day for me to finish the whole thing!

once again thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what tis your theme. The one you are using in all the screenshots.

sjc said...

Re My Current theme: The Theme i have been using on screenshots for a while now is one i created using an image of a Maserati Ghibli.
If you look at the Beeper application on the freeware page, you will get an idea of the Inactive screen. If you want a copy i will post it on Monday. It has quite a dark background so it good for screenshots.

Gonzalo said...

Is it possible have both landscape and portrait modes in a theme developed in Carbide (and if so, how?)

Anonymous said...

Hi I like this theme a lot. It look simple and has a nice colors, nice icons and very nice fonts. I will be waiting for it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for this theme. I really like it. The ony thing is that on my n95 8gb the clock is light blue and I can't really see it. But all the menus look nice. Thans

sjc said...

Re Blue Clock on theme: Oops i hosted the wrong .sis, that was an earlier one. I have hosted the correct Black clock version now :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, when i try to install some of the themes you posted (Maserati Ghibli and Beach) it says "expired certificate" is there any way to get them working?
thanks, site has been very useful

Anonymous said...

i cant seem to delete my downloaded themes when i press 'c' pls tell me wt other things i shud do?


sjc said...

Re Expired themes: I did make some of these themes a while ago so an easy way to avoid "Expired cert" is to just set your phone date back one year, then install the themes then put the date back to the correct year. I will check the themes expiry and make some new copies soon :)

sjc said...

Re can't delete themes: To delete themes you have to go into "App. Mgr" from the phone menu rather than just pressing "C".
There you can select the theme then press "C"

Anonymous said...

Ahh.... very clever, the themes work great now. Thanks :)

A.basak said...

I had a problem with my N95 earlier that i could not install any software, with your suggestion I upgraded my firmware with Nokia Software updater. Now that problem is gone, thanks for your email reply on that.
Now facing another problem. When I connect my device through USB to my computer, it works fine but after disconnection it shows a message "Installing software" for some time and phone hangs. I am able to cancel it, but then it says memory in use for any action I do.
Also, my phone does not react when i connect it to my laptops with USB nor bluetooth.
Please suggest. Thanks.

sjc said...

Re A.Basak USB problems: I'm glad to hear your first issue was resolved!
I would say that it is trying to install something (MMSSync etc). When you connected via USB did you choose "PC Suite" or "Data transfer"? try PC Suite (need to install)
If your phone is hanging i would simply restart it.
If you cannot connect to PC then i suspect the PC cannot find the drivers. If so its often easiest to uninstall Nokia PC Suite then download a New version from their website (Drivers included)
If you want more details please email me using the contact button in the side bar, then i can explain more.
all the best

Anonymous said...

Hi sjc, love the site. Loads of great tips.

Have tried to download themes - can easily install them on my N95 (using SIS file) but they are only displayed when I press the menu key - otherwise I just get standard wallpaper on my screen.

This is the same for most of the themes I have tried, otherwise I just get a blank screen.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


sjc said...

Re Nic Theme Image Background: Go to Menu/Tools/Settings/general/Personalisation/Themes/Wallpaper and select "default" That should fix it.
If you are still having problems email me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, How do i delete main screen applications ie search / calendar / wlan scanning?
so i can see more of the theme picture i just installed ?

sjc said...

Re Delete Items on Main screen: This feature is called "Active Standby".
Go to Menu/Tools/Settings/General/Personalisation/Standby mode/Active standby set to OFF.
That should do it :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great site, very helpful.
I have download two Themes:
Blue Ice Sheet; BrownSunset. They are almost perfect (to my personal preference) except that Blue Ice Sheet does not 100% work with HandyShell v1. The bit doesn't work is the 'Applications' shortcut. BrownSunset works with HandyShell, but I preferred white font color instead of blue.

So I decided to give a go myself. downloaded Themes Studio from Nokia's site. created a theme project based on the 'ColorfulDay' as suggested; changed idle background image to a photo image; change the active background to black. compiled it and installed on my Nokia N95 8GB. It worked almost perfectly except is not 100% compatible with HandyShell: 1. the 'applications' shortcut did work;
2. on the HandyShell screen, cannot highlight any items except only the font color will change which is very hard to see.

Any idea about what could be the cause of the problem and how to fix them?


sjc said...

Re Handy Shell Theme problems: I have seen that Handy Shell does have some issues/bugs which i am sure they will look to fix in new versions.
I was really impressed that you made your own theme!! keep it up! As for fixing software bugs its down to the developers really, i can't see what you can do except turning off handy shell to check that its THAT application that is causing the problem not something else.
Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

hey... thnx for the tutorial. 'm still a newbie. i got a question. how do you turn the thin status pane into transparent?

sjc said...

Re Theme Icon pane: Its a good question. I did try to make a transparent icon pane but it didn't work properly so the easiest way (and best)is to use one of the default themes that already have a transparent pane, i think grey day has one.
If you use this as your base then it saves the effort editing the .svg
It worked for me :)

sjc said...

Re Tony Calendar entries: I have sent you an email.

waqas said...

"Maserati Ghibli" I really like that theme of yours.I have few questions to ask :
1. Whats is the resolution of your backgroud & Idel screen in that theme ? Because in Landscape mode the image is so clear.I am just wondering how did ya do it ?
2. Why did you use the black dark image in the meun background image?
3. Is there anyway I can get "tdf" of N95 8GB Nseries theme 1 ? ( the gray one )
regards !!

sjc said...

Re waqas Ghibli Theme:
The image resolution is 320x320 that's why there is no distortion in landscape mode. In fact there is added detail that does not appear in the portrait mode :) You can do that if you create themes with Carbide.
I made the active background dark grey because when i'm using the menu and music player etc. i like a clean screen without images confusing the buttons/icons, its just a personal preference.
I dont have any of the tdf's for Nokia default themes. I would like to get hold of them though :)

waqas said...

Thanks bro!
I tried & created my 1st theme by using Carbide theme edition 3.3. Have a look may !
I don't mind if you wanna use it here.

sjc said...

Re waqas theme: Very nice theme. I see you used 204x320 image in the end. i'll leave the link in the comments section incase other people want to download it. Thanks

waqas said...

Thanks bro.
I think, I have used 320 X 320px images for Idle & background. I am using faststone image resizer. I am just wondering why its showing 204x320.
Anyways I have a question or you can say a little help.
I wanna put a white transparent sheet on the background image.Can you tell me how ? You know sometimes when you put a black & white background image you can't read txt in the txt.
Hope you understand my question.

sjc said...

Re waqas Background: I assume you want a plain background on the Active Screen (menu,text, calendar screen background)
The obvious problem as you stated is that if you have a strong/busy image when you come to write a text you cant see the words. This is why i use a plain colour as my active background.
If you want to white out or invert colours then i would use Adobe Photoshop to create an image before you make the theme. You can't really add a white sheet its just not set up that way in the theme creator.

qwazix said...

hello, thanks for the nice blog.
How do you manage not to include the icons in the sis package? I tried, and I get the ugly kind of monochrome icons of the default theme in carbide.

sjc said...

Re quazix: If you want to use the default icons on the Phone, which are usually better than the Carbide ones then at the last stage of creating the theme, where you create the name there is a box on the right hand side where you can untick the "icons".
This means it will have no icons and therefore use the phones default ones.

Anonymous said...

Can I create and edit every months' background just like S40(nokia 6280).I cannot edit the calendars' background.It used a picture for all months background>

sjc said...

Re Anon Monthly background: You can edit the calendar background. Select the "Calendar Month View" from the gallery on the right. Then select the corner of the backround and you should get the "calendar frame" highlighted in the Components panel.
But you cannot edit them for each month, also the image effect other screens which can be annoying.
All the best SJC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey..i really wanna thanku..ur page has helped me ALOT...u Rock!...n plz tell me how can i uninstall themes from my usin an N85..tried deletin the source file n all but jst dsnt happen...also can u suggest a good site for safe download of Fonts and full version of a good Anti virus scanner...Need all this info asap...Thankalot again...

sjc said...

Re Anon: Uninstalling themes is done from the App.Mgr as with applications. You should find it in the Menu somewhere, Just go to the App.Mgr. choose theme and select Options and delete.
A good source of Font is your own PC. If you are going to use Fontrouter it is able to read the .TTF fonts. Just copy the from C\: Windows\Fonts. The main problem is the size of the font, if they are Fat the will not show all the letters etc.
Good Anti-virus for N85 ?? No freeware i know only free trial, if you need to wipe your phone memory then reinstall the firmware via NSU that will clean it up!you cpuld scan a memory card in a PC
For PC?? AVG free or A2 both excellent, A2 v4.0 can be a bit aggressive at times, so check Before deleting files
Hope that helps & glad you enjoy the blog :)

sarah said...


i am trying to install themes onto my n95 8gb but it keeps coming up with certificate expired, how do i get these themes on my phone?


sjc said...

Re Sarah Themes: If you get "Expired certificate" error message, simply change your Phone date/time from the phone menu back one year, install the themes then change the Date/time back.
That should work

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, amazing compilation. Thank you I just got an N95 and your blog made my experience more interesting. I plan on visiting more often.

Thanks again.
Regards from Brazil.


Matthew said...

i downloaded 5800 Default Themes For N95 and love it but one problem, when u type a number in on the homescreen it just displays white and you cant see the didgets, how can i sort this cause i really like the theme?

sjc said...

Re Matthew: White on white! you are completely correct i didn't check for problems and the dialing screen is White on White.
I have found a Red soundwaves 5800 style theme created by Ervin Kwan which works better. you still have to set the wallpaper. He has done a nice job on the Icons.
I will post it this week

Matthew said...

ce one cheers, i look forward to being able to use it :D

Anonymous said...

thank you sooo much for this tutorial! at least, I can make some cool themes for my mobile. thank you again! :)


neloora said...

hello :)

thank you for this tut, i made a theme for myself. but, i have a question :)

how can i put mask on layers? or is this possible anyway?

thanks :)

sjc said...

Re neloora: Masks on layers? Well you can do a lot with the layers, If you edit a background layer in Photoshop then you could add Masks.
You can add other elements from the components store and they will have different sections, which you could edit.
Its a little difficult for me to understand what you want to create, have a play around :)
all the best sjc

steve said...

why cant i get themes to move on my n95 i have a mufc that is not turning please let me no

Anonymous said...


sjc said...

Re steve: If you want your N95 theme to auto-rotate you will need version.30 firmware or above.
You can of course move the slider to move the screen from portrait to landscape.
Details on firmware updates are on the main page section 2.
All the best sjc

Anonymous said...

is there anymore movie clips please

steve said...

hi you said i need version.30 firmware i have got v32.0.017 and the wallpapers still dont move what do i need to do please help

sjc said...

Re Wallpapers Move: I am a little confused, do you mean the phone does not auto-rotate?
To activate "Rotate Screen" Menu/Tools/settings/general/personalisation/display then select rotate screen to automatic.
let me know if there is another issue.

steve said...

hi sorry that dos not work i want the pic to move like i have a mufc were it turns round on the phone it works when i look at it but when i set it as a wallpaper it dos not turn

sjc said...

Re Steve Mufc: I have tested the Mufc logo on my phone. It rotates correctly in landscape and portrait modes.
I located the transparent mufc image in the gallery and "Set as wallpaper" When i rotate the phone the small logo rotates as well.
If you email me i can send the screenshots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sjc im having a headache right know i cant seems to work with certificates and keypairs.I filled up all the forms but and gerate a certicate but when I save it I always got the error message "certificate, keypairs, password mismatch.

I uses the same passwords and all but its not working. Is there something wrong with the software I downloaded.
your help would be appreciated.

sjc said...

Re anon key pairs cert: I can understand your frustration. I did write about it in part7 on Themes page i had to make a new cert/key a while ago and i had to use my guide to do it!!
It should work.
All the best sjc

Chris wilson said...

where els can i get that theme maker

sjc said...

Re Chris W: You can download the Carbide 3.4 theme creator from nokia or try this Softpedia link

Demian said...

Hi guys: I hope you can help me with this one, I've installed various themes, worked great, except that the mail wallpaper I had it changed to a picture, not it does not display anything but pictures it does not display the theme original wallpaper, Please help !!

Jam said...

hi! i saw one asked about uninstalling a theme? I knew that it can be deleted by going to the app.mgr. BUT in my case, yeah, I was able to delete it there then when I got back to my themes selection, its still there!(even if deleted from the app.mgr. & rebooted the phone N95 8GB).please help...plssss...

sjc said...

Re Jam themes: Did you installed the theme on your memory card??
If so it can leave traces which appear as if the theme is still there.
I created a simple tutorial on my main page Pt2 Here in section 23 (sub section3).
Hope this sort out your problem
All the best

Jam said...

Hi SJC,thanks for your advice. I followed the link but with your first instruction,I failed already. I dont know why and I know it would seem strange but I dont have the "private" folder! I clicked the "show hidden files" but still nothing. tried it in 2 different computers but I dont have the folder.

What I have in my N95 8GB is the Mass Memory and the Phone Memory, I installed it in the Mass with your instructions, I searched through there...would i be still able to seek advice from you after this???


sjc said...

Re Jam: The Private files are hidden files as you know, Using mass storage mode is correct and your PC needs to "Show hidden files. ." as you did,
I would also untick the box "Hide protected operating system Files" in the folder options of your PC.
I always show protected files on my PC setup and this should allow you to see the "Private" folder
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